Monday, August 27, 2012

Todd Akin’s Junk Science Destroying America?

Given the Missouri Republican congressman’s recent televised “junk science” explanation of “legitimate rape”, is Todd Akin’s junk science now poised to destroy America? 

By: Ringo Bones    
A number of US Republican Party insiders even started confessed that the current GOP is a wholly different beast from what it is during the days of Ronald Reagan. With party regulars resorting to demagoguery and organized Christian dogma rather than reasoned argument and science to justify their being beholden to dirty coal and unethical crude oil corporate Capitol Hill lobbyists, many now wonder if junk GOP science – especially Missouri Republican congressman and US senate hopeful Todd Akin’s misguided junk science is now poised to destroy not just America’s education system, but also its industry and commerce – and even the environment – as well? Looks like I’ll be waiting in vain for a truly American innovation in stem-cell based therapy. 

If you are old enough to remember the mid-1990s, you’ll be old enough to remember the most influential members of the US Republican Party resorting to organized Christian scripture and dogma to deny that global warming and climate change is mainly caused by dirty coal and crude oil burning. Not to mention resorting to demagoguery and political influence – instead of science and reasoned argument – to stifle American women’s reproductive rights. And the latest of this line of GOP junk science is brought to us televised via Missouri Republican congressman and US senate hopeful Todd Akin over his “arcane” explanation of the junk science of his legitimate rape theory where women’s bodies have a biologically innate or natural tendency not to get pregnant when they are “legitimately raped”. Doesn’t this remind you of that Nazi era Ice Universe Theory that even Adolf Hitler found too fantastic to be believed?