Monday, April 21, 2014

Jamie Edwards: Youngest Fusioneer Ever?

While competing with an American who created a proof of concept fusion power plant, is the 13 year old British student Jamie Edwards now the world’s youngest fusion energy pioneer?

By: Ringo Bones 

A month ago, a 13 year old student from Preston, England using the money he saved from his own allowance managed to build a proof of concept fusion power plant as his own school science project. Jamie Edwards fast tracked his fusion power plant project back in December 2012 after hearing that a 14 year old American student is planning to do the same - thus becoming the youngest person ever to perform an actual  proof of concept fusion power generation experiment.

When he turned on his fusion power plant in the classroom of his school, Sue Edwards – Jamie’s Mother – and other students sensibly fled the room for safety reasons. Even though experts had been foreseeing gene manipulation projects will be commonplace as middle-school and high-school science projects by the 21st Century, Jamie Edwards fusion power plant seems to have been bucking the trend given that nuclear science projects has always been hard to do when done on a “shoestring” budget. And for his next school science project, Jamie Edwards plans a scaled down version of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. With his achievement, Jamie Edwards has recently become a guest on The Late Show With David Letterman.